Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Update

Dear friends,

I pray this note finds you doing well. Things have been busy (praise God!) here in Mexico. This past weekend we had a mission with high school students building a house for a poor family that lost everything in the earthquake. You will find a photo collage of our activity attached. It was a beautiful experience, even though we passed the nights there without heat and at nearly freezing temperatures. The possibility of sacrificing a little to bring joy to others was a powerful experience.

The month of December, and this liturgical time of Advent, have much in store. This weekend I will celebrate my 32nd birthday as well my first anniversary of priestly ordination. My heart has been so full of gratitude, joy, and humility since the day of my ordination last December in Rome. It has been the best year of my life and I pray that the Lord, with his love and mercy, will bring many more hearts to him through my ministry. Next week we Legionaries will leave for a retreat center outside of Mexico City for our annual 8-day silent retreat. It will be a welcome opportunity to pray and reflect on this first year of priesthood and to prepare for Christmas.

You can be part of my mission above all by means of your prayers for me and all those I hope to serve. I soon (before leaving for retreat) hope to offer means by which you can also support my mission financially should you wish to do so. Many of you have done so and I am so grateful for your support- the generosity of many is what makes our ministry possible.

I would ask that you pray for me to have a bigger heart every day, a heart more like Christ’s, so as to more faithfully and completely fulfill my extraordinary task as his priest. As always, please feel free to share with me any prayer intentions that you would like me to remember on your behalf.

And please say a prayer for the Legionary deacons who will be ordained priests on December 16 in Rome!

Have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season. God bless!
Fr. Daniel

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