Thursday, June 27, 2013

Healthy Dose of Humility

The other day we watched a soccer game here at the seminary. First of all, it is always a big event because we only watch a handful of sporting events every year. It was Brazil vs. Italy and we have a good number of Brazilians here. They ended up winning the game 4-2.

I was talking with another brother after the game and was reflecting that I found myself pulling for Italy simply because of the perceived cockiness/over-confidence I perceived in some of the Brazilians, both in the audience and that we saw among the fans. I said, "you know, they just seem too cocky." The brother (a fellow American) responded, "yeah they're kind of like us!"

It hit me. Yeah, in the Olympics, we generaly expect to win everything and I probably transmit that same over-confidence when the United States is involved in something. That brother's ability to zoom out and see himself in a bigger context I found to be quite admirable. It made me think that there is always room to grow in humility.

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