Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weezer and Biblical Contemplation of God

On their latest album Everything Will Be Alright in the End, the band Weezer, from a certain perspective, delves into the depths of the contemplation of God based on Sacred Scripture. On this album, the song "Da Vinci" spoke to me of the reality of sacred scripture and its divine inspiration

Caravaggio's "Inspiration of St. Matthew"

Simply put, we are unable on our own to comprehend and express the reality of God's love, mercy, and awesomeness. As Rivers Cuomo sings, "Even da Vinci couldn't paint you; Stephen Hawking can't explain you; Rosetta stone could not translate you, I'm at a loss for words." Our efforts to explain and understand the wonder that is God inevitably reach the point of words falling short, of slowly entering a state of silent admiration. This is not to say that God is not rational, but only that, without his having revealed himself to us in Sacred Scripture and in the person of Jesus Christ, we would fall far shorter than we actually do in our knowledge of his reality. What is actually contained in the Bible has been the source of endless study, writing, prayer and reflection through history. Rivers sings, "I tried to write it in a novel; I wrote a page but it was awful," and then, "I wish I could explain who you are, but when I try I never get far." That's why we turn back to the sacred page! "Now I just want to sing your gospel." Let's go back to the inspired word of God and get to know him as he reveals himself to us.

Given the general aims and messages of rock and roll, I deem it safe to say that this was not Weezer's intent. Nevertheless, I do see myself, by means of this interpretation, fitting into a long line of Christian tradition that has "baptized" pagan symbol after pagan symbol. I hardly want to label Weezer as pagan or opposed to religion. I simply accept that these themes are generally absent from their productions.

* All quotes from Weezer are based on my listening to the song and may not be the official lyrics. I have not taken the time to research that, but then, I really did not see the need to.


  1. Reminds me of St. Paul at Mars Hill!

  2. Hi Br. Daniel! One of my favorite songs is Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"..Although, as you commented with the Weezer song, I do not believe it was Gabriel's intent..the entire song speaks to me of the revelation to a 'broken" soul of God's infinite love .."the resolution of all the fruitless searches..In Your Eyes..The Light , The Heat..In Your Eyes..I am complete..

  3. Sorry, I didn't tell you who just posted on your blog! It's your "passionate convert" friend, Pamela!